Psychological Science


A text that applies what researchers and educators have discovered about how, where, and why students learn. The result: Better learning through science.

The authors introduce students to the fundamentals of psychology and the latest cutting-edge research through a pedagogical framework designed to keep students engaged, motivated, and learning actively. As in the third edition, the "science of learning" facilitates long-term retention and understanding. The fourth edition introduces "Psychology: Knowledge You Can Use" boxes. Each of these new features shows students the immediate utility of a main concept discussed in the particular chapter. By applying the science of learning and making connections to students' everyday lives, Psychological Science, Fourth Edition, addresses how, where, and why students learn. Link to Purchase on

Publisher Information

" A book written by authors that care about both the subject matter and the students they are writing for." - Gabriel Radvansky, University of Notre Dame

" The only text that presents a contemporary vision of the field as it is, and as it will be for our students entering psychology." -Kevin E. Moore, Depauw University

"A pleasure to read; studies cited were interesting and the examples provided were thought-provoking" -Sunaina Assanand, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

"Written in a lively style and pitched at an understandable, but sufficiently challenging level of complexity." -Steven Pretice-Dunn, University of Alabama

"The best book in the market right now" -Shelia M. Kennison, Oklahoma State University

"Maintains a clear thread of integrated information that underscores how human behavior is adaptive and that understanding psychology is relevant for all students, not just the psychology majors." -Margaret Lynch, San Francisco State University