Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities

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Fourth Edition Now Available!

Thoroughly updated to include new research on brain and behavior, this text will be suitable for courses on gender studies, individual differences, and cognition.

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Praise for Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities


"Diane Halpern’s book addresses one of the hottest topics in science—the one that got Larry Summers in to so much trouble. Halpern reviews the relevant science to determine whether sex differences in cognitive abilities exist, and, if they do, what causes them. She presents this information in cogent, accessible prose. Psychology students will appreciate this excellent text as would anyone interested in what science has to say about the cognitive abilities of women and men." -Alice H. Eagly, Ph.D., Northwestern University, USA

"This new edition is engagingly written and makes complex concepts accessible to a broad audience. I know how difficult it can be to communicate this biopsychosocial perspective without being seen as a radical by those who want to claim that all sex (and individual) differences are biologically determined, and those who want to claim that all differences are due to environmental factors. I think that Diane Halpern navigates the middle ground of the interactionist perspective very well." -Mary Hegarty, Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara, USA

"Since the first edition more than 25 years ago, Halpern’s book has been the 'go-to' source for a thoughtful, scholarly summary and reflection on sex differences in cognitive abilities. This new edition continues that tradition, and incorporates cutting-edge research from the field of neuroscience. Even more important, Halpern’s ability to make sense of these complex findings in an even-handed way is unsurpassed. This book belongs in the libraries of everyone with an interest in this field." - Judith E. Owen Blakemore, Ph.D., Indiana University, Purdue University, Fort Wayne, USA

"Diane Halpern’s writing style is engaging and humorous, while at the same time presenting rigorous scholarly work. The research presented is accessible, comprehensive, and up to date." -Patricia Puccio, Ed.D., College of DuPage, USA

"This new edition summarizes a complex area of research, navigates effortlessly between being politically correct and incorrect, and presents a framework that helps in the understanding of cognitive sex differences." -Agneta Herlitz, Ph.D., Karolinska Institutet, Sweden